An online personal growth video platform for kids ages 8-12.

Psychology currently estimates that we are programmed to become who we are going to be by age 5, and that the easiest time to overcome this programming is during the pre-teen and early teen years, before we enter the socialization phase.

This is why our video platform is designed for ages 8-12.

Thriveable includes video courses on...

-Navigating anxiety around peer pressure,

-Identifying and releasing limiting beliefs,

-Emotional boundaries,

and more!

Kids don’t want to listen to an adult explain why they should learn these techniques, they want to hear it from someone closer to their own age who’s had success.

Hi, I'm Lorra!

My mission is to help youth wire their programming to lead lives of health, wealth, and abundance.

Since age 8, I have been in the "personal growth world" I guess you could call it. Things like fire-walking with Tony Robbins at age 12, becoming a Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), being certified in Appreciative Inquiry, and more.

While being in these "personal growth rooms", without fail, adults would say things to me like "You're so lucky to have this at your age", "You're going to go so far", and my favorite, "I wish I had this when I was your age." Although coming from a great place, this is both true and sad. This left me wondering why are adults paying tens of thousands of dollars, time, energy, and money to re-wire their programming? This lead to the question that birthed thrive able. What if instead of re-wiring adults brains, we wired kids brains in an empowering way to begin with?

By the way, I just released my first Children's Book! You can find it here:

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